2550 Lassiter Rd. Four Oaks, NC 27524



To provide K-5 children attending Four Oaks Elementary a caring, Christian environment during their hours after school.

Distinctive Points

* Promoting Biblical values and character development

* Low student to teacher ratio

* Constructive schedule includes tutoring/homework help

* Transportation provided from school

* Daily afternoon snack included

* Competitive price with monthly payment rather than weekly

* Bonus: Price includes the times when half/full-day care will be needed

(for example during Christmas Holidays, teacher work-days and early dismissals * see details below)

Hours of Operation:

3:00 p.m. -- 6:00.p.m Monday through Friday

Centers and Available Activities

Learning and Reading Center, Music Center, Art Center

Foosball, Ping Pong, Air Hockey, Basketball, Legos, Wii, Educational Computer games, Blocks, Light-Bright, Painting, Playdough/clay sculpting, Jenga, Pictionary, Puzzles, Boggle, Othello, Checkers, and many more board games…. Scooters, Badminton, Basketball, Horseshoes, Bocce, Croquette, Remote Control Car competition, zip-line and much more….


* Note: These charges already include extra hour circumstances where full and half day supervision will be needed such as 20 scheduled vacation days and early dismissals (listed below), plus snow days and other possible surprise closures -- all of which Quest will provide care. Costs are absorbed, averaged and distributed evenly to make a simple monthly payment plan that is as reasonable as possible for everyone involved :


Six slots are available to students who opt to ride the bus to our

location. Monthly charge for these students is:


Here’s the Breakdown :

$3.25 labor/hr.

x 2.75 (hours of childcare)


+ .25 gas

+ .50 snack & drink costs

+ .50 craft materials, employee-assistant, early dismissals, and other misc. expenses

$10.25 daily base charge / $9.25 bus riders (as their later arrival shaves off

some labor time as well as no need to charge for gas).

This figure, when multiplied by 5 days, come to

$52.50 per week / $47.50 per week (bus riders)

X 4 (weeks in a month)

$210/$190 (mo.)

Because Early-Dismissal Days are included in this base fee, that now leaves scheduled Vacation Days on the 09-10 school calendar in need of being averaged in. Quest will provide care for 14 of them. The charge for full-day care (7:15 am – 6:00 pm) at Quest is an additional $15/day. Multiplying $15 x 14 (days) = $210. Dividing this number by the 9 months over which these days fall results in an average of $24. Adding this amount to the monthly base price is how the

final figure per month is derived:


+ 24

$234 (subtract $20 discount for siblings) / $214 ($10 discount for siblings)

Should there be any snow days or additional days in which school is closed beyond the already scheduled days on the calendar, Quest will provide care for your child at no extra charge as a bonus service. With all these factors considered, I believe you will realize this to be a most cost effective plan for quality care. (When comparing other potential programs that may appear lower in price initially, be careful to ascertain possible hidden costs that when added up actually exceed Quest’s price. …. Things like whether or not there is an afternoon snack provided. Compare how many hours the service is provided – two hours from 4pm to 6pm or three hours from 3pm to 6pm? What are the additional charges for full-day care on vacation days, or do they even offer this service? Are there any discounts for siblings? Then there are the non-tangible factors that are equally important to consider such as the kind of setting / environment, the quality and approach, the ratio of children to care-givers, etc….).

Payment is due the first Monday of each month. Exceptions to the monthly charge will be Aug. and June. Charges for these two incomplete months will be weekly based on the daily rate of $10.25 ($9.25 bus riders).

$20 registration fee is required per child ($30 for families with two or more children )

$20 charge for payment two days late as well as a $20 charge for any returned checks

$5 late fee for every 10 minute delay past 6p.m. for child pick-up.

Days Quest Will Be Closed:

Labor Day, Th.& Fri. of Thanksgiving, The Week of Christmas, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, the first three days of Spring Break, and Memorial Day

Scheduled Early Dismissals & Student Vacations That Quest Will Provide Care:

Sept.24&25, Oct.21&30, Nov.11&25, Dec.18, 28,29,30&31, Jan.18, 21&22, Feb.16, Mar. 17 &26, Apr. 8&9 (two days of Spring Break), June 10, as well as any other early dismissals or closures that are not scheduled on the Johnston Co. School system calendar.

Sample of Daily Schedule’

3:05 – 3:30 Arrive for pick up and transition back to Quest. Have snack and relax a bit.

3:30 – 4:10 Homework/tutoring, reading, or other quiet activity

4:10 – 4:55 Group time. Brief character-trait devotional followed by group activity or craft

5:00 – 6:00 Free-time choices

About Me:

My name is Carolyn Langdon. I am married to Rick Langdon, native of Four Oaks. We have three sons. Graham, 21 attending Campbell University. Kyle, 18 who will be a freshman at NCSU this fall, and our youngest, Zach, 8, will be in 3rd grade this year and is anxious to make some new friends now that both brothers are attending college. We are a homeschooling family. (Not opposed to public school by any means! Our eldest attended Clayton Elem,. and we have several relatives who teach at Four Oaks ). My background is in music. I have served in both Church Music Ministry as well as Child Care in the years before em- barking heavily on our homeschooling journey. With the high costs of college these days and economic uncertainties, I felt led to help generate a little supplemental income for our family. Providing this service is an optimal way to achieve this goal.

When providing information to others about who I am, the most important disclosure I need to make is that I am unashamedly a follower of Jesus Christ and one who desires to reflect Him in all that I do. My purpose then through Quest is to fill the role as a mentor to your children, helping to reinforce the basic Biblical values you desire them to embrace – values fundamental to life and recognized by believers of all denominations such as the Golden Rule and the Fruit of the Spirit. So, while providing a safe, fun, and educational atmosphere will certainly be primary objectives, the main factor I hope that will distinguish and set Quest apart from other care-providers, is this focus to encourage Christ’s character development in your children. Those who want such a program will feel led to come here. Those who don’t will look elsewhere.

Why the name Quest?

Quest is a word that expresses a passionate pursuit of something. Most children are instinctively inquisitive and explorative, full of questions and imagination. Being on a quest for hidden treasure, for example, is always an appealing idea to the young and old alike. My hope is that each day we spend together, will be one that encourages your child to search for the true treasure of life – the Truth of God and His son, Jesus Christ. The scripture verse undergirding Quest is: Jeremiah 29:11-13 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

The quest of life is all about seeking Him. With all our heart. That is what I hope to communicate.

Location of Quest.

Our program is home-based. No plans to build a big center or buy expensive vans. We want to keep costs low and help your children feel as comfortable as possible – as if they are visiting their best friend’s home for the afternoon – only they get to do it every day. Our home is tucked in the woods on 16 acres off of Lassiter Rd. We have many activities available both outdoors and indoors.

Registration (cut, paste into an email and then send to: Carolyn@Quest-Kids.com

(Pleas fill out separate registrations for siblings, but send both files in same email)

Child’s Information

Child’s name (first/middle/last) :





Birth date (dd/mm/yyyy) and Age (as of Aug. 2009) :

Grade (as of Aug. 2009) :

Check all that apply to your child, or check “None” for those that don’t apply:

Allergies (type) :

Medication (type and schedule) :

Is child emotionally, behaviorally, intellectually or physically challenged (explain) :

Special circumstances (provide any additional necessary information) :

Family Information (underline the parent’s name who will be in charge of payment and contact for questions or emergencies)

Mother/guardian’s name:


Home address:

City, State and Zip:

Home or Cell # and Work #:

e-mail address:

Father/guardian’s name :


Home address:

City, State and Zip:

Home or Cell # and Work #:

e-mail address:

Emergency Information

Name of Child’s doctor and phone #:

Child’s dentist and phone #:

Hospital preference:

Insurance company and Policy #:

Emergency Contacts (if mother, father or guardian cannot be reached)en

Name as well as home/cell/work # (most reachable):

Relationship to child:

Bus-Rider? (6 slots available) Yes/No :

Once I have received registration and confirm to you a place for your child is available, he/she will be put on a wait list. All that will be needed at that point is the $20 registration fee. You may mail or bring it directly to my home. (Just call in advance). Order of child placement will be determined by “first come, first serve” basis using the registration time (either post mark if using snail mail or e-mail time if sending through internet) as the determiner of priority. I plan to make available an opportunity to meet with all parents and children briefly the Sunday afternoon preceding the week that school begins, just for getting acquainted, answering any last minute questions and other general orientation needs. This would last from 30- 45 min. max.

Links, Directions and Contact Info:

Four Oaks Elementary Home Page:


WRAL news:


WRAL weather info


Directions to Quest

From 1-40 area, go east on Hwy 210 toward Smithfield. Continue through Raleigh Rd. intersection and take a right less than a mile further on Lassiter Rd (Reedy Creek Gas and Grocery is at the corner of 210 and Lassiter). Travel Lassiter toward Four Oaks approx. 2 miles. When you see Hickory Grove Advent Christian Church on your right, look to your left and you will see a brick house. Just beyond that house is a gravel path that runs beside a large field and into the woods. Our home is the one in the woods.

From Smithfield area, take Hwy 210 West toward I-40. Turn left on Lassiter Rd. (Reedy Creek Gas and Grocery is at the corner of 210 and Lassiter). Travel Lassiter toward Four Oaks… same as above.

From Town of Four Oaks travel Black Creek Rd. to Lassiter and take a left. Travel about 2.5 miles and look for path on right next to two mailboxes and running beside large field. If you find yourself in front of Hickory Grove Advent Christian Church, you just missed your turn. The home is tucked back in the trees.

Address and phone:

Quest After School Care

Attn: Carolyn Langdon

2550 Lassiter Rd.

Four Oaks, NC 27524


e-mail: Carolyn@Quest-Kids.com